Oct 30 2020

Quick procurement & information about office furniture at officebase

Trade fairs are postponed, offices adapted, home office flourishing: flexible working is a big trend in 2020 – as well as flexible office furniture. An estimated 25% of professionals are currently working on a mobile basis. Corona measures are accelerating the trends of digitalisation and New Work. This massive structural change to the office naturally requires continual new designs and combinations of furniture.

If the adaptability of the office furnishings is a business recipe for success, the search for the right office furniture should not take up too much time. As the “portal of short paths“, officebase provides one of the most comprehensive portals for office furniture in just a few clicks: the classic office chair with desk, the ergonomic desk chair and discreet and combinable accessories for the office at home.
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Home office: Seamless productivity and mobile working

To maintain operations many workplaces were quickly relocated to the home office in 2020 – including fitting them with the right office furniture. With new requirements: the demands for furniture at home are more differentiated and aesthetically diverse. Officebase provides easy access to this as well as an overview. Even without specialist knowledge.

Home office via officebase: e.g. with USM © USM U. Schärer Söhne GmbH

The large product range at officebase offers an individual selection of all available products in German-speaking countries – and the option to reach the target product immediately, which is guaranteed to be available in every country, using specific filters. At officebase, modern digital tools of an office furniture platform are combined with 50 years of experience in the furniture sector, and longstanding exchange with the manufacturers and specialist retailers. officebase regularly provides information about news and events in the sector.

Product selection and retailer search at officebase.de: e.g. vitra ID AIR © Denz Design GmbH

Every year, officebase records around 400,000 search requests for the right specialist retailer for office furniture on site. Planners and buyers in large companies find their furniture here, as well as around 170,000 small and medium sized enterprises. As an additional service, since 2020, officebase has provided direct links to the relevant online shops that numerous important manufacturers have already linked with their brands. You can now order directly from the pool of all the most important manufacturers and brands – another time advantage for managers and office planners.

Hygiene protection

Room dividers, hygiene protection walls and disinfection points: you can find the important furniture brands for hygiene at officebase, as well as smart technical tools. The office furniture manufacturers have thought carefully about how communal working could be combined with the recommended measure against viruses – and are already a step ahead: contemporary hygiene does not spoil the design concept in the office. Make sure everyone feels safe and well in the office.

Hygiene protection at officebase: e.g. SHIELDED by Bene XL – free standing, flexible protective element for separation of workplaces © BENE GmbH

As the biggest German speaking platform for office furniture, officebase offers “the shortcut to office planning”: the office planner can get to the right product with just a few clicks. This is based on a Swiss recipe for success: with the motto “find, don’t search”, officebase has a direct link to specialist retailers and manufacturers and offers extensive product overviews which can be filtered in detail.

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