Jan 11 2021

Roamlike - Holiday in the Showroom

Holiday guests not only expect their holiday flats and houses to be perfectly located - the ambience of the temporary home should also be cosy and stylish. Meeting the customers' wishes can be quite expensive for private landlords. The Cologne-based start-up Roamlike wants to remedy this - co-founder Jens Büschgens explains how in our interview.

A lot has happened since the last article on ambista. You last said that the article on ambista was more successful for you than a short feature on TV. What do you think is the reason for that? 

Relevance is more important than reach: Judging by the enquiries on the manufacturer side, we see that we hit a nerve with furniture makers. Our solution is extremely exciting for the target group of furniture manufacturers and so we were able to measure direct effects of the ambista newsletter. With broader communication, the results are also harder to measure and don't pay as much into the "manufacturer enquiries" value. 

What was the original idea of Roamlike? How did you want to revolutionise product sampling with your platform? 

Since its founding in December 2018, Roamlike has offered the most honest form of advertising in the world: by distributing test products and trial samples in Airbnbs and holiday flats, consumers can familiarise themselves with offers while on holiday and try them out "in real life". By distributing products in a particularly targeted way, our brands save money through significant efficiencies. Roamlike ensures that consumers know what they can experience and where they can buy it. 

Corona-related, you changed the ordering process for your customers this summer. Why was that necessary? What did you adjust? 

Before the crisis, landlords only had free trial products (samples) as goodies for guests. During the crisis, we conducted interviews with our hosts and found out that many hosts use the calm to renovate and exchange equipment. The logical consequence: a separate shop for landlords with discounts. This way, especially furniture and decoration manufacturers can sell to hosts via Roamlike. For all products, Roamlike makes sure that customers know what they are experiencing and where they can buy it. 

You have been in the market with Roamlike for two years now. How has your customer base developed since you started? How did the furniture industry react to your business idea in the beginning and what is the status today? 

The biggest change Corona brings for us is that we now offer not only free products but also low-priced furnishings for verified landlords - and only for them. Without registration, you won't see any offers. This is especially important for premium brands.  

All in all, our Roamlike Shop absolutely hits a nerve in the furniture industry and we can hardly keep up with taking on new customers. In a very short time, we have been able to build up a product range of more than 10,000 products; and we have only just started. 

Jens Büschgens (29) is co-founder of Roamlike GmbH and the company's brainchild. In previous positions at MediaCom, Fond Of and Deutsche Telekom, Jens Büschgens worked in classic and digital marketing as well as in consulting. Through his work as a landlord of holiday flats, he gained valuable experience for Roamlike's business model.

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