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Jan 12 2018

Roll Collection: Verena Hennig creates extraordinary furniture

“One to watch” is how DesignCurial described Verena Hennig in August 2017. And rightly so because the Nuremberg designer creates furniture for ordinary, everyday use to extraordinary standards, setting new benchmarks for the international furniture and accessories market.  Her collection focuses on interaction between the product and its user and a commitment to a minimalist aesthetic.

Does that sound abstract? Quite the opposite

The revolutionary concept behind the Roll Collection is captivating precisely because of its functional, practical style. It was rewarded with an ICONIC Award in Interior Innovation in 2016. The collection includes chairs, a bench and stools, and was developed to provide a playful, innovative and engaging user experience. The seating consists of rotatable aluminium tubes which massage the user while he or she slides from side to side ... “Interacting with this unique seating activates different muscle groups, which helps to relieve stress and tension,” says Hennig.

Where you can try out Verena Hennig’s products

The Roll Collection is available from selected retailers in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Geneva. Of course you can also find the collection on ambista.



by AKTTEM Studio Verena Hennig GmbH


by AKTTEM Studio Verena Hennig GmbH


by AKTTEM Studio Verena Hennig GmbH
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