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Jan 15 2018

Scandinavian minimalism on the rise again

What is it that makes Scandinavian interior design today so unbelievably attractive for many people? Are the furniture brands from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland that regularly gather in Cologne simply so irresistible? Or is it that “Scandi style” exudes optimism with its laid-back feel and fresh colours, and evokes images of a simple life surrounded by birch trees in the land of Pippi Longstocking?

The Scandinavian manufacturers really are the leaders when it comes to expressing their very own new sense of style and presenting products that reflect it. They interpret the traditional with a touch of cheek. The once typically bright designs in primary colours now find themselves in the company of refined grey tones and muted pastel colours,  this is the recipe for a laid-back mix of the urban and rustic, chic and minimalist.

Scandinavian design is now on-trend like never before, and new fashionable interior labels are providing fresh momentum. These young brands have rapidly achieved cult status. Foremost among them are names such as Muuto, &Tradition, Frost, Softline and Woud from Denmark. And the highly coveted label whose furniture bears the instruction “PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED” is no longer an insider tip either. Design House Stockholm and String from Sweden are bringing Nordic simplicity into the home, while from Finland Artek offers classic furniture, and Woodnotes provides textiles.

In search of the perfect balance

The new style is simple and works with minimalist forms without being cool. It is decorative without losing itself in details. This balanced contemporary mix calls for the right frame. Furniture that forms a line with the architecture and does not create an imposing volume is ideal here. It brings a sense of visual calm to the home. Its primary role is not to be noticeable and to provide all the required functions – storage space or a place to put objects, whether that’s for a music centre, flowers, a laptop or whatever else you may need. Then carefully selected furniture and objects – a beautiful cupboard, a picture, armchair or a sculptural lamp – are shown off to their best advantage. It is about reduction, leaving out and order – but without forgetting the practical and day-to-day. On closer inspection, behind the clean lines and simplicity you will often find a multitude of details in the design that make the products by the new cult labels so special.



by Sophisticated Living GmbH
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