Dec 02 2019

Small Pinterest guide for furniture companies

Pinterest has already been the most underestimated social media platform for years. This is because most people having something to do with content marketing tend to rely on Facebook and Instagram instead of on the image platform. However, particularly for companies from the interiors industry, this is often a lost opportunity. Why? Because their target group is found precisely here. 

Furnishing and living as well as DIY are two of the biggest categories on Pinterest. 60 percent of the pinners say that the image platform has influenced their decisions when buying furnishing items.

Furthermore, there is a shopping function in the USA and Great Britain. Dealers there use the function successfully, according to Philip Missler, Country Manager DACH & Nordics at Pinterest. Allegedly, the shopping carts of the Pinterest buyers there are 40 percent larger than those of other customers of the same online shop.

How interior brands can successfully use Pinterest

In this article, we tell you how you can utilise the potential of Pinterest by directing more organic traffic to your online shop with the help of inspiring images, from items of furniture through decoration to wall element design, and at the same time increase brand awareness.

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual board, with a great visual impact. It allows furniture dealers and manufacturers to collect different pictures from the web in one spot, which is your own profile. The idea is to select and pin up (that’s the reason of its name) every image under virtual folders which can be related to your online shop categories, in order to remember why you have chosen that picture.

Pinterest’s first aims is not that people speak about themselves, but it is rather to give information; usually the average user does not upload his own contents, he does not write a post, but just share already existent contents that he considers useful or interesting.

More than 300 million people use Pinterest and, since 2010, 200 billion Pins have been generated. However, let’s see how to use it. First of all, you have to know that Pinterest is both accessible from your pc and your smartphone, by downloading an app available for iOS and Android.

Sign in to get startet

To start to promote your furniture brand, you can search or download the application for smartphone. The first thing to do is to sign in, using either your mail, your Facebook account or your google account. After this first step, Pinterest will ask you some information about the type of contents you are interested in: choose four or more categories e.g. furniture, interior, DIY or decoration so that the system can select and profile your visual tastes. As soon as you finished, click on the red button.

Create and edit your profile

Click on the button “edit settings” and edit your profile to show to the public your best appearance: you can set biography, link to your online shop and profile picture. Meanwhile, if you click on the pencil icon at the top on the right, you will change the foreground boards. Are you creating your new profile? 

Surfing on Pinterest

Once you have selected your interests, Pinterest will start showing different contents according to these; if you scroll down endlessly, you will always find new pictures of  furnishing items. Clicking on an image, you discover who has already pinned it up, the comments, the source website and other similar images that have been catalogued with the same keywords.

Find a Pin on Pinterest

The research is very easy: you can find new Pins by using some keywords on the browser. While typing, Pinterest suggests related keywords; what’s more, keep in mind that clicking on a picture allows you to see other similar ones to widen your research.

Save Pins on Pinterest

So far, you have been a “passive user”, but now you found something interesting and would like to save on your virtual board, isn’t it? Touch the picture and save it; by the appearing window you can create your first virtual board, name it and save your new pin. Every time you want to pin a picture, you will be asked where to save it, because you have the possibility to create different boards with different themes. Tip: Orient yourself with your boards on Pinterest on the categories of your online shop.

Create a new board

On your profile you will find the button “+Create a Board”: choose the name of the board, add possible contributors and decide if you want it public or private. Click on “Create” and there you go.

View your boards

To view your pins and enter the boards, you have to enter your profile page. Click on the picture on the top right and you will find everything you saved during your research.

Upload a picture

You are allowed to upload on Pinterest your own images. The process is easy: go on your profile, click on the + icon on the top left. You choose if either uploading a pic from a website, simply by typing the website address or choosing from your device’s gallery (smartphone, tablet or pc). Once you have chosen the picture, you can describe it, paying attention to the keywords and adding an external link so that people can reach your website. In the end, choose the board where to insert your picture and there you have it. If you have some doubts concerning the policy of images have a look here:

Arrange your boards

You can choose how to display your boards: either alphabetical order or chronological order, from the most up to date to the oldest one or you can easily prefer a personal order. You decide!

Move some pins onto a new board

To move pins from a board to another, enter a board from your computer and click on the button on the top right “Organize”, select then a Pin or a group of Pins and click on “Move” (you will find it on the menu on the top right, as usual). At this stage, you choose where to move it or them, clicking on the new board from the window “Choose a board” or creating a new one. At the end, confirm on the button “Save”.

Now, you are ready to use Pinterest for your furniture brand. Are you interested to discover some more interiors companys that are successful on Pinterest? Read our article Why the furniture sector is interested in Pinterest.

Carlotta Berta, alias @unacarlotta, is an interior designer and a design blogger based in Italy. Her blog, is an online place to read news from the world of design, analysis of new trends, posts dedicated to emerging designers and stories about trade fairs. The blog is enriched with furnishing advices and with the portfolio of completed projects.

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