Smart home: networked lights are bestsellers

An ever increasing number of private consumers are relying on the smart home. It's no wonder, because the intelligent household devices can simplify life in many areas. With their help, for example, energy can be saved or more security assured in one's own home. However, which smart home devices are most popular with Germans? 

Dec 12 2019

Conrad Connect, Europe's leading IoT project platform for smart living projects across manufacturers, looked at this question and evaluated around 190,000 devices registered in Germany to this purpose. The result: intelligent lighting is the frontrunner for Germans.

Accordingly, around 34 percent of the analysed devices can be assigned to the light category. However, a closer look reveals that the smart lamps are used not only as simple sources of light. When a light source is connected with a movement sensor, it is possible, for example, to detect unauthorised entry of a business after closing hours.

According to Conrad Connect, 18 percent of users therefore arrange to have themselves alerted by SMS, e-mail or via the internal dashboard of the company as soon as one of their lamps turns on or off.

Many lights are networked with weather stations

"Ten percent of our users have also linked their lamps with their weather stations", according to Andreas Bös, Vice President Conrad Connect. This enables, among other things, the automated colour adjustment of lighting to the weather conditions outside or the air quality in the apartment.

It is thus no wonder that, in addition to intelligent lights, weather stations (14.8 percent) are the second most frequently registered things in smart homes, followed by remote controls (14.2 percent) and heating (11.2 percent). However, security is also important to Germans.

Thus, around eleven percent of registered users protect their homes with cameras and intelligent alarm systems. Networked power sockets (5.8 percent) and fitness trackers (4.1 percent) are integrated by many into their own smart home network. 

The smart home market continues to grow

Andreas Bös sees great potential here: "The smart home market continues to grow and more than 500,000 devices from more than 100 different manufacturers are already registered on our platform." Around 1,000 new devices are added daily. Especially in demand are the intelligent helpers in Frankfurt.

At the time of the analysis, more than 25,000 smart devices were registered here. This was followed by Munich (19,065 devices) and Hamburg (19,056 devices). Only 12,268 smart home products are registered in Berlin. Stuttgart is in fifth place with 4,116 registered devices.

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