Jan 23 2018

Sophisticated Living – riding the crest of a wave

No, it shouldn't be boring, the upholstered furniture from Sophisticated Living. To convey an inspiring lifestyle; that was the basic idea of the family-owned company founded in 2006 by Ralf Hüllemann, which continued to grow over the last ten years to become a fixture of the industry with the support of interior designer Saskia Thomas and industrial engineer Sebastian Hüllemann.

Dedicated to a love of water, waves and nature, the creative team of surfing enthusiasts designs and sells living and sleeping furniture that embodies freedom, clarity and a unique view of life. Which is why the products bear names originating from surfing jargon, because, according to the credo of the furniture makers from Karlsruhe, one can sit on them and lie on them as if one were in harmony with a wave: at the right time and in the right place! "The challenge of surfing lies in the absolute concentration on the wave, the moment and becoming one with nature and movement. No two are the same, one has no time to think, and must react to the dynamic of the water. To change perspective again and again requires a high degree of creativity. Every person is an individual, and so we also have to reinvent ourselves here again and again", is how Ralf Hüllemann draws parallels with the interiors market.

Individual and cosy

From the box spring bed through armchairs and benches to modern, custom-made sofas, all innovative ideas are subject to high requirements for quality, individual designing freedom and moderate prices at Sophisticated Living. The urban trendsetters are always further developing their offering, like, for example, with their own fabric collection or environmentally-friendly production processes. The Solid Wave collection not only caused a furore in the media, but also surfed a wave of success with the mega-trend "German Gemütlichkeit". The special highlight is the oversized cuddle blanket fastened to the sofa with loops. It is padded like a bed blanket and invites lounging.



by Sophisticated Living GmbH


by Sophisticated Living GmbH
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