Aug 01 2019

spoga+gafa: new garden furniture trends

From homely outdoor furniture, to decorative accessories, through to waterproof outdoor kitchens - from 1 to 3 September 2019, spoga+gafa presents the new products for the garden world. Around 2,100 exhibitors from approx. 60 countries will present everything the green industry currently has to offer on 230,000 m² of exhibition space. Traditionally, the largest segment is the "garden living" section, which encompasses among others garden furniture, garden equipment, decoration, camping and leisure as well as sports and games. We are particularly taking a look at the trends for garden and balcony furniture.

Flexible relaxing furniture for small and large areas

Modular lounge furniture that can be put together to suit the user's individual requirements, is still particularly popular for this purpose. The current models are suitable for use in both small areas as well as for creating luxurious seating ensembles in a big garden. Furthermore, they can also be varied in terms of colour. 

The resistant and fast-drying high-tech materials of the new collections ensure soft seating comfort, soft contours and an increasingly more living room-like appearance. These meet the demands of the ongoing trend towards woven textiles such as ropes and straps for outdoor furniture.

Expansive relaxing islands with a sun roof that protects against the heat and wind or that are built in the form of a nest inviting people to chill out together are also high on trend. People, who prefer a lighter and more mobile alternative, can opt for beanbags or pouffées made of waterproof textiles as seating and lounging options.

More cosiness in smaller outdoor areas

Relaxation and a cosy ambient are also the priority for smaller outdoor areas such as balconies or roof terraces for example. The combinable and multifunctional furniture presented at spoga+gafa is ideal for this purpose. 

They are enhanced by cosy decorative elements such as carpets, chimneys, vases or lanterns. In addition, clever sunshade solutions offer optimal sun protection for limited outdoor spaces.

More seating comfort for the older generation

There is a further reason why spoga+gafa is placing the focus on comfort and cosiness. The growing target group of the best agers demands well-being quality in the open air living. Ergonomic, comprehendible and easy-to-operate design is thus gaining in significance. 

So it is no wonder that low and comfortable models such as the classic wing chair, rocking chairs or daybeds are experiencing a renaissance for outside. The new generation of comfortable outdoor furniture is also equipped with footrests and storage surfaces for books and beverages. 

Indeed, sunshades equipped with sophisticated technologies can even be moved at the gentle kick of a foot. Even the latest grill models have been adapted to suit this target group and promise optimum user comfort thanks to their back-friendly heights. 

Outdoor kitchens offer weatherproof cooking enjoyment

Outdoor kitchens are also becoming increasingly more homely. Modern kitchen units for outdoors can be individually combined with modular elements like sinks, fridges or worktops. The new models are on a par with their indoor counterparts in terms of design and technology. 

Specially designed frame profiles or special supports, which can be coated with different decors, lend the outdoor kitchens their homely look. What's more, these materials are extremely weatherproof. Beyond this, foldable side panels offer protection against the wind and rain.

Less is more: Minimal chic in the garden

As a counter-movement to the wish for more comfort in the outdoor section, the Bauhaus trend, which is characterised by filigree shapes and reduced materials, is also apparent. Here, the following also applies more and more frequently for the garden, balcony and terrace: Less is more. 

Clear contours and slim shapes characterise a new generation of discrete furniture for the outdoor area. Bright colours for seats and frames or colourful cushions set accents here.  In contrast to the still prevailing grey shades, the trend colour of the year "living coral" as well as bright shade are setting summer accents for outdoor use. 

Cantilever chairs or seating furniture with runners are also linear and material-saving. The latter in particular are making many current models leaner.  New collections, which are lent their rugged charm by natural wood frames, are also in line with the minimalist trend.

Outdoor Furniture Trend Show

Furthermore, the "Outdoor Furniture Trend Show" is bound to be very interesting for furniture distributors and manufacturers. Because this is a platform which international suppliers use to present their latest garden furniture trends. This year, the theme decoration is being integrated into the trend show.

Especially exciting: The furniture and decoration garden trends presented here are derived from the mega trends that are moving society worldwide. The special event entitled "Icons of Outdoor Furniture" flanks the trend show. Here the bestselling and most stylish garden furniture of the current and also former exhibitors of spoga+gafa will be presented.

Focal theme "City Gardening"

This year the trade fair's focus lies on the theme "City Gardening". spoga+gafa reflects this trend in its entire diversity. From compact flower beds, vertical plant walls, mini greenhouses, to irrigation systems, combinable and multifunctional furniture, modular lounge furniture, through to compact gas grills and small electronic devices: There is nothing for the large country house garden, that isn't also available for the small city balcony. 

The new products on the mega global trend will be presented on an own theme-focused zone in Hall 6, the Power Place City Gardening. Lectures on diverse stages, special means of communication for guiding the visitors to exhibitors with City Gardening products or balconies on which products that can be implemented in cities are highlighted, convey the trend theme in its entirety all around the trade fair. 

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