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Start-up companies are contributing to the international competitiveness of the furniture industry. The range of products and services offered by start-ups includes much more than the innovative design of furniture products. The wishes and needs of the customers are the focus of attention. Well thought-out business models have already put many forward-looking solutions on the way to the customer. In our start-up spotlight we regularly present interesting companies.

Jul 17 2020

The business idea - the heart of a start-up

Whether grown on the basis of a systematic market observation or inspired by a random observation: The business idea for a start-up develops from the knowledge of which concrete needs the market has not yet covered or only insufficiently covered. A "brilliant idea" does not necessarily have to be completely new and unique to generate entrepreneurial success. Rather, the idea generation process consists of modelling existing business ideas in such a way that potential customers find it desirable to purchase the products or services offered. Costs and delivery times often tip the scales. 

Startups recognize needs - new trends in interior design

Changing working environments, growing ecological awareness with the desire for sustainable furniture products in visually appealing design and other contemporary developments are creating new conceptual trends in furnishing. For example, the idea of renting rather than buying furniture is experiencing a renaissance. Keywords: mobility and co-living.

Start-ups - the advantages and disadvantages of the new independence

Founders and employees most frequently cite general dissatisfaction and/or lack of career prospects in the former workplace as reasons for switching to a start-up company. Start-ups are characterised by very flat hierarchies, a dynamic company philosophy and flexible working time models. A willingness to experiment in the development of products or services related to furniture as well as in the exploration of new sales markets is required. Short decision paths allow for the prompt correction of misjudgements. If you can convince as a start-up founder with a sustainable business model, the state or private sector will support you with funding programmes. 

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