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Start-ups for the home office

With the home office, start-ups have also established themselves in the Corona pandemic for its design. The changed working world has created space for accompanying business models. Solutions developed before the pandemic have been further refined and new ideas for working from home have been developed. We present some of the young companies that support the change to hybrid working with their products.

Sep 07 2022

All-in-one solution 

When hybrid working becomes the norm, professional working conditions are also needed in the private home. To ensure this, the Munich-based start-up Onyo was founded during the pandemic. For the business idea, the founders pooled their years of experience in workplace strategy and design as well as IT. 

With this expertise, the young company offers all-in-one solutions for the home office. The product portfolio includes professional equipment with leased furniture that is individually assembled according to ergonomic and sustainable criteria. 

An online portal for employees helps with the selection, which is adapted to the specifications of the respective customer. Digital workplace analyses, risk assessments and ergonomic advice complete the offer. 

Complete package for the home office 

The business idea of Home Office Total is similarly comprehensive. The provider from Hofheim on the Taunus provides its customers with a digital questionnaire and a 360° camera for optical room measurement within their own four walls. 

Based on the data obtained and in accordance with occupational health and safety specifications, a complete package is then offered for furnishing the home office: ergonomic furniture, internet optimisation, IT connection and lighting concept. An in-house interior team positions the desk, shelves and office chair optimally in relation to the incidence of light and according to ergonomic aspects. Digital technology is also set up.

Certified safety 

Home Office Total's security experts check whether all conditions, requirements and agreements have been met. The respective customer then receives a certificate that legally confirms compliance with all requirements. 

For office comfort in the private home, the start-up has also developed a "Tiny Home Office": A mobile unit that converts into a height-adjustable desk with integrated screen and lockable storage space in just a few simple steps. There is also a fully equipped "out-of-the-box home office" for working outdoors. 

Work better digitally 

The switch to a home office often requires the use of digital platforms, but also a technical upgrade of the rooms. The provider Der Seminar offers tips and tools to work better and more digitally within your own four walls. 

The start-up from Halle in Saxony-Anhalt develops software for working from home. For example, the "Campus" platform provides online collaboration tools for the home office and New Work. 

The software includes password managers, video conferences and an office cloud. With the "Talk" software, chat rooms can also be set up for web or video conferences. In an in-house media library for small and medium-sized businesses, the start-up's experts provide tips and support for organisations.

"Heavn One" lamp © Heavn Lights

The brightest light for the home 

When it comes to home office design, the right lighting is a recurring theme. The office lighting provider Heavn has developed its own luminaire for this application. The "Heavn one" is designed to help achieve a stable biorhythm and higher productivity. 

To illuminate work surfaces intensively and broadly, it is the brightest desk luminaire in the world, according to the company. As specially developed functions, the desk lamp offers a mode for video conferencing or a Calm mode for relaxation. With an app, the light can be adjusted to individual preferences and needs. 

Minimalist standing aid 

The furniture start-up Standsome also wants to promote health while working at home. The Mainz-based manufacturer says it has designed the first sustainably produced desk attachment made of wood for this purpose. It is intended to motivate people to work while standing and thus counteract the lack of movement in everyday life. 

The minimalist piece of furniture can be assembled quickly and stably using the plug-in principle. A free-standing desk and other products complete the portfolio. All the furniture of the young company is made of FSC-certified birch wood in German handicraft workshops.  

Author: Broekmann+Partner

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