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Mar 05 2018

Stressless armchairs and sofas: Unique seating comfort from Scandinavia

Stressless is probably the best-known brand from Ekornes, the largest furniture manufacturer in Scandinavia. Its armchairs and sofas are not only superbly comfortable, they also boast timelessly elegant design.

Patented functions

Thanks to the patented Plus system, the furniture’s seating and reclining positions are infinitely variable, adjusting simply on the basis of shifts in body pressure. In other words: you lean back and the seat gently slides with you. Stressless also offers optimal support for the back and neck, since the seat’s ergonomically pre-moulded foam adapts to the body. This means that, although the body sinks in, it continues to be cradled in an ideal manner, because the armchairs and sofas are designed to meet the needs of the human anatomy. It is therefore possible to sit for a long time without fatigue.

Stressless from Norway

The Norwegian company also places great importance on top quality and workmanship in the manufacture of its products. It only uses the best materials, such as genuine leather, polished stainless steel and comfortable fabric covers. The headquarters and own plants are located in the fjord landscapes of Norway. After all, working in the heart of this fantastic environment fills you with new respect for Mother Nature. This is why sustainable practices and environmental protection are also important factors in the production of Stressless products. The company invests heavily in keeping the pressure on the environment as low as possible. This includes recycling production waste in addition to using water-based dyes and varnishes as well as environmentally friendly resources and materials. Ekornes is also active in matters of social responsibility.

Wide range of designs

National and regional sales companies are responsible for worldwide marketing. National and regional sales companies are responsible for international marketing. Ekornes Central Europe owns more than 500 Stressless studios in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland and Slovenia, where buyers can customise their furniture. In addition to armchairs and sofas, the collection also includes dining room chairs, tables and other functional accessories. All products are available in a range of sizes, materials and colours.

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