Nov 06 2019

New paths: Sustainable furniture companies

The furniture industry is encountering the theme of sustainability with ever increasing imagination. Furniture items of corrugated cardboard or high-performance plastics are not only innovative, but are also 100% recyclable. We introduce two companies that are embarking on new paths.

Room in a box – furniture of corrugated cardboard

From beds through desks and shelves to the zero-waste Christmas tree – Room in a box offers a broad spectrum of furniture items for the sleep, storage and work segments. The special feature of the products of the Berlin furniture company: the assortment is made entirely of cardboard. 

The corrugated cardboard used by the company consists to at least 70 percent of certified recycling material and to 30 percent of certified fresh fibres, which ensure the stability required for furniture building. 

The cardboard furniture can be completely recycled, because the material flows 100 percent back into the raw materials cycle. As glue, Room in a Box uses starch paste manufactured from potato, corn or wheat starch. The sustainable material is also exclusively refined with environmentally-friendly, water-based printing ink. 

No waste is produced during production, because the waste products arising find their way back directly into the material cycle. The company chose a modular construction method for the design of its furniture. This offers the customer a high degree of flexibility for usage of the items of furniture. 

At the same time, the products can be packaged so compactly that they can be ordered online and delivered by a parcel carrier. The complexity of the warehouse and shipping processes is thus reduced considerably. 

And, although the cardboard furniture can be recycled at the end of its life cycle, this by no means makes it throwaway furniture. The heart of the assortment, a cardboard bed, has a life expectancy of around ten years.

Stool from Room in a box © Lionel Palm (RIAB)

Movisi – Modular furniture of EPP

Movisi primarily manufactures modular furniture and office furniture. The assortment of the Stuttgart company includes partition systems, room-in-room systems and shelving systems, as well as seating for offices, trade fairs and events. 

High-performance plastics (EPP - expanded polypropylene) that consist to 95% of air are primarily used for the manufacture of the products. This means that the furniture is not only light, but is also 100 percent recyclable. The products are also free of emissions and contaminants.

The items of furniture are produced exclusively in Germany. The company also dispenses with superfluous material when packing, such as plastic films or Styrofoam. The objective of Movisi is to produce no trash that can additionally burden the environment.

Thanks to the light material, the modular items of furniture also cause fewer COemissions. In addition to this, not only the business premises use green electricity; Movisi also operates its servers with it.

Setting up the shelving systems is easy and can be done without tools. Thanks to the modular construction method, the shelves can also be constantly expanded, reduced or reformatted, which means that they can also be used further over many years, despite changing life circumstances.

Are you interested in cooperating with sustainable furniture companies? At ambista you will find a large number of manufacturers, such as shogazi and Organoid Technologies GmbH, which attach great importance to respectful interaction with our environment, sustainability and production free of contaminants.

Office furniture made of high-performance plastics © MOVISI

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