Hidden technology

Technology for furniture quality 

Generously dimensioned drawer formats and narrow joins today characterise the design of high quality furniture programmes. An ever increasing number of designers and furniture manufacturers are creating drawer systems that require high-performance drawer runners that can also function reliably and smoothly with loads of up to 70 kilograms.

Jul 21 2020

Clever drawer runner for more variety in furniture design 

Whether in sideboards, dressers or cabinet systems in the living room, kitchen or bathroom: drawers are found everywhere in the home. Thanks to the sustained trend toward minimalism and clean, Scandinavia-influenced design, guests should be received in a tidy interior and the secret chaos disappear behind closed doors. Or in drawers.

Modern drawer system are equipped today with telescopic rails. As simple semi-runners and full runners extending to frame systems of metal, suppliers offer a variety of versions. In the process, it is essential that form and function are always perfectly coordinated with one another.  

The individuality in the design of furniture has no limits today due to the wealth of different construction lengths of pull-out systems. Important, however, is that the technology meets certain requirements, in order that the design of the item of furniture ultimately convinces the buyer. A high level of stability for large, heavy drawer runners, smooth running, perfect join optics and a "push to open silent" system are important factors.

However, a heavy bearing load is also becoming increasingly decisive. When more and more is disappearing into drawers in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, a pull-out system must be able to carry a lot of weight. The German supplier Hettich has now developed a system with the new Actro 5D drawer runner that guarantees a bearing load of up to 70 kg and thereby considers important factors of current furniture trends. 

The new generation of the Actro 5D for wooden drawers offers good performance for modern, large-format furniture design. Objects with a total weight of up to 70 kg can disappear in drawers. © Hettich

New generation of runner system for modern, efficient furniture production 

There is technology behind every item of furniture. Technology that isn't apparent at first glance but guarantees the functional capability of the furniture. And this as well as possible. Durability, stability and smooth running are essential for drawer systems, which are found today in a large number of designs.

The new runner system of the Actro 5D generation from Hettich should meet these criteria and also offer a bearing load of up to 70 kg. Despite the heavy weight, the heavily loaded, pulled-out wooden drawers remain in the horizontal position.  

Freedom for furniture design without handles is also increased considerably by additional features that mean increased comfort: with the "push to open silent" system, wooden drawers can be opened easily by tapping on the front and then close softly again. Thanks to the effective multi-synchronisation beyond the boundaries of the body, the system can also be used for extra-wide fronts in front of two wooden drawers: the opening function is always reliably triggered by light pressure applied at any place to the XXL front.  

The company also has other solutions for special installation situations in the kitchen or bathroom: in the case of asymmetrically shaped drawers, a flexible adapter can be used, and a deflection adapter guarantees the full functionality of "push to open silent" for the wooden drawers wherever a siphon is in the way. Especially for trays, the Actro 5D also offers a stop function that prevents unintentional retraction. 

The current product generation of the Actro 5D has been consistently optimised with a view to quick, uncomplicated assembly and placement of the fronts. Five-fold adjustment is carried out without tools and entirely intuitively: adjustment of the height, sides and depths of the fronts can be easily felt and is possible without loosening the drawer. Inclination and radial adjustments behind the back wall of the drawer can be easily carried out by loosening the drawer and pulling it slightly forward on the runner. 

Effective multi-synchronisation for extra wide fronts: Actro 5D with

Hidden technology that makes a lot possible 

One seldom thinks about the technology behind a drawer closing. We are simply pleased that there is a lot of space in the drawer, that it closes quietly and also looks good. That this is only possible thanks to clever pull-out systems is not apparent to many at first glance. The technology installed in an item of furniture is, however, the distinguishing element behind the innovative design and production of furniture, and much greater attention should be paid to its valuable contribution.

Author: Bernadette Trepte

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