Oct 10 2018

The bathroom industry is booming

Many consumers today are paying particular attention to the bathroom and investing in furnishings and equipment. The focus is on bathroom design trends based on comfort, accessibility, wellness and smart home functions. This gives manufacturers, suppliers and retailers as well as designers and interior designers who are involved in these areas an advantage.

Everything that is beneficial to health is trendy right now and this applies especially to the bathroom. The long neglected hygiene room is becoming an oasis of well-being, a space that is comfortably furnished and accessible.

This is rounded off by intelligent smart home functions and products that promote wellness. According to a recent study by the German Sanitary Industry Association, around 30 percent of consumers in Germany want to renovate their bathroom and make related purchases in the course of next year.

This is a plus for manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, designers and interior decorators who specialise in bathrooms and bathroom furnishings.

High-quality modular furniture

Barrier-free features are virtually standard today. Well-designed floor level showers are now appreciated by both young and old alike. A new addition in the ranges of manufacturers are non-slip floor coverings that are stylish while also providing secure footing for users of all ages.

In addition, popular health-promoting measures in the bathroom include modern wellness showers that can be individually adjusted from a gentle drizzle to targeted massage functions. More and more people are opting for such high-tech products, which can be programmed according to their preferences and are often combined with a suitable lighting programme in the room.

In the furniture sector, it is all about holistic interior design. High-quality, modular bathroom furniture is on trend, such as freestanding washbasins, mirrored cabinets with built-in LED lighting or tall cabinets with ergonomic pull-out drawers.

Furthermore, practical and beautiful seating is a must in the modern bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is becoming cosier and a favourite place to relax. Wood is very popular as a premium material with a warm appearance for furniture surfaces. In addition, consumers want intelligent furnishings in their wellness environment.

Comfort through smart functions 

In the smart bathroom, blinds, lighting and the desired temperature can be easily controlled with a mobile phone whether at home or on the go. Smart lighting systems can be integrated using intelligent switches and controls with push-button sensors: Light can be coloured in different hues to create scenarios, such as uplifting blues in the morning and soothing reds for the evening. At night, modern washbasins with integrated motion detectors provide pleasantly subdued lighting.

With intelligent radiator thermostats, heating schedules with the desired temperature settings can be controlled via app. This ensures a comfortable temperature in the bathroom and helps save energy costs. Fixtures and outlets for the bathtub, shower and washbasin can be precisely controlled with electronic tools such as operating elements and control units.

This allows water temperatures to be set accurately and prevents the tub from overflowing. Contact-free bathroom fittings on the washbasin and control panels for the toilet result in increased hygiene and efficiency. The wellness effect in the bathroom is rounded off with smart TVs on the wall featuring ceiling-mounted loudspeakers and radios, and wireless smartphone charging stations.

Pure wellness and entertainment

All furniture in the "Finion" premium bathroom collection from Villeroy & Boch is equipped with a continuously dimmable emotion light feature that can be operated via remote control. Inductive charging stations for mobile phones prevent the risk of a short circuit in the bathroom. A special highlight of the collection are the built-in Bluetooth speakers in the mirrors and bathtubs.

The "Lux Oval Couture" series from Bette turns freestanding bathtubs and washbasins into a home accessory. The body of the bathtubs are made of enamelled titanium steel, while the outside is covered in a decorative waterproof, climate-resistant weave. "Essence E" by Grohe features a minimalist cylindrical shape. The design line adapts well with a variety of furnishing styles. Optimal comfort is ensured due to the infrared remote control and adjustable temperature limiter to save both water and energy.

The "RL40 Room Light" burgbad mirror cabinet meets the different lighting needs of users. The cutting edge lighting control system provides four lighting moods that correspond to the time of day. Dornbracht’s "LifeSpa" uses special massage jets to provide targeted, health-promoting water massages through aquapressure. The "Water Fan" and "Water Curve" jets can have a calming or activating effect depending on the intensity of the pressure.

Just like the kitchen and bedroom, modern bathrooms are becoming increasingly comfortable and cosy. German consumers like to invest in modern equipment with high-tech functions. Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, architects and designers specialising in the bathroom sector all stand to benefit from this trend.

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