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Jan 16 2018

The bed – more than just a place to sleep

In a society accustomed to stress, there is growing appreciation for the value of a good night’s sleep. Consequently, more and more attention has focused on the bed. But it is the accessories that appeal to people most and turn the bedroom into a living space.

Average sleep duration has been decreasing for years. The results of a British study suggest that this trend is accelerating rapidly: the proportion of the British population sleeping less than seven hours per night on average rose 39 percent in one year. Researchers suspect that people are losing sleep because of the increased use of computers in the evening.

Sleep quality is crucial

The less time we have to unwind before bedtime, the more important the quality of sleep becomes. To ensure this quality, Birkenstock, the German comfort shoe expert, has taken the leap from footbeds to beds. According to the manufacturer, the systems provide optimal point elasticity – the ability to mould to the user’s contours – with the aim of relieving pressure on the body. A feature of all of the sleep systems from Birkenstock is a specially designed overlay made from natural latex and cork, which is intended to give excellent cushioning. Further natural materials include wool felt and leather. The sleep systems are presented in combination with modern box-spring bed bases in six design options. The products were developed in close cooperation with the Austrian manufacturer of beds and upholstered furniture, ADA. The components are produced in its factory in Styria.

More and more often natural materials are the preferred choice. Solid wooden beds made from high-quality, naturally processed materials – now increasingly offered in combination with box-spring sleep systems – are not only prized in Scandinavia. Artisan (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Team7 (Austria), for example, show that metal-free, solid wooden beds in a rustic, natural finish contribute to a positive indoor climate.

The bedroom - a room becomes more important

But it is not all about health, enjoying the hours spent in the bedroom is also important to people. And the bedroom is no longer a space reserved only for sleeping. The bedroom remains a space for withdrawal, but today one is just as likely to withdraw to it as a couple is. One reads, has breakfast or likes to work in bed. And of course we like it comfortably. A basic idea for the bed Ono with its padded cushions designed by Sebastian Herkner for Schramm Werkstätten. For the busy and traveling designer the comfort zone bed is very important.

The same applies to one of the most flamboyant figures on the German designer and fashion scene: Harald Glööckler. With his label Pompöös he also wants to put the crown in the interior landscape – also his box spring bed collection. The beds are the result of a collaboration with Femira and the textiles company JAB Anstoetz. With his four design worlds – Animal, Glamour, Princess and, of course, Pompöös – the star couturier wants to transform the bedroom into a magnificent slumber chamber


Basis 12 + Dacapo

by Schramm Werkstätten GmbH
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