Sep 11 2019

The hot design of the new radiators

Radiators are often mousey grey and look anything but cosy. And yet heaters do play a key part in making a home cosy on cold days in particular. The new generation of radiators by manufacturers such as Antrax IT and Kermi shows that another way is possible. They look like artworks, are reminiscent of sculptures, or function – thanks to storage areas – as wardrobes and space organisers.

The revolution began in the bathroom

Radiators with horizontal pipes, extending all the way to the ceiling in some cases, replaced traditional heating systems in the bathroom years ago. These models varied in terms of the length, size, number, position and form of the pipes.

And although the bathroom was the birthplace of the design revolution for the radiator, the new generation of heaters has already moved into every room in the house. Everything is possible – from sculpture-like radiators that stand freely in the room between the couch and the coffee table, to wall-fixed heating systems that don’t just provide warmth, but that also play a part in the space’s visual design. The new models are real eye-catchers so any attempt to disguise them would be nothing short of a crime.

With its “New_T Tower” model, the Italian manufacturer Antrax IT offers a radiator that stretches upwards like a tower and can stand by itself in the space – no feet, no support. The valves are not in view either – these are behind the radiator. The “New_T Tower” model was developed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. The heater, which looks more like a design object in the room, impresses with its modern style and great functionality. Despite its considerable height of a good metre, the radiator is not very wide or deep. It is also possible to place several “New_T Tower” units side by side to produce enough warmth for larger rooms.

The “Tower” is an eye-catcher in other rooms too. In the bathroom, when combined with an additional square-shaped towel holder that surrounds the product, it becomes a handy organiser providing lots of storage space. However, those wanting to hang the sculptural models on the wall cannot do so everywhere – a connection to the hot water heating system is required.

Infra-red heating

The “Elveo” electric radiator by Kermi combines cutting-edge design with practical electrical operation and soothing warmth via infra-red. This kind of heat radiation, like the sun’s rays, has a fast and direct effect on the human body and the areas in front of the unit. Short heating-up times and an even distribution of warmth provide for a good interior climate and a positive energy balance. There is less air and dust movement with infra-red heaters than with warm-water heating systems, so they are particularly allergy friendly. The single-pane safety glass front in white or black and the high-quality aluminium frame make “Elveo” a design object no matter what room it’s in. Installation with minimal distance to the wall emphasises the unit’s total integration into the design of your home.

People often underestimate modern radiators both with regard to the variety of designs available, and in terms of the range of price options. What’s more, these radiators not only provide a source of heat, they also offer real added value in terms of energy efficiency. Models with aluminium and stainless-steel surfaces are more resistant to corrosion and can give off warmth more quickly. They therefore respond more precisely than ever before to the specific heating requirements of every room.

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