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Sep 24 2018

Trend: Small furniture for more mobility

There is a growing market for small, light and multifunctional furniture in keeping with the megatrend of mobility. Designers, interior designers, manufacturers and retailers can profit from this by developing and selling suitable furniture.

Many people these days never stay in one place for long. They organise their lives around career opportunities, and must remain mobile as a result. The younger generation is particularly affected by the megatrend of mobility. Frequent moves are particularly common in big cities. Those with successful careers also need to be flexible in terms of location these days.

Popular furniture for the mobile lifestyle

The enduring megatrend of mobility has changed consumer behaviour, with demand for traditional wall units and enormous living room suites falling. What is now fashionable instead are functional individual items of furniture and well-designed solutions with handy storage space. Light, compact and multifunctional furniture make a home comfortable even if it’s only a temporary one. The current trend is for small and versatile furniture:  This development represents a huge opportunity for designers, interior designers, manufacturers and retailers looking to bring space-saving and mobile furniture onto the market.

People who move home often know how useful high-quality furniture with hard-wearing surfaces and details can be. Versatile furniture such as modular, interlocking shelving systems are therefore very popular. They can be installed quickly and taken apart or extended if the need arises. Sofa beds with lots of storage space are also perfectly suited for the mobile lifestyle. These belong to the category of multifunction furniture designed with more than one purpose in mind. Other pieces of furniture that are useful for temporary living include stylish collapsible chairs as an eye-catching feature, and tables, cupboards or containers on rollers. Originality is required when furnishing a space in order to avoid the impression of improvisation.

Small, lightweight and multifunctional

Certain items of furniture seem to have been made for the short-term living concept, for example sofa beds with collapsible storage space such as “All You Need” by Innovation Living. The lightweight “Bukto” clothes stand by Frost, which has a matt black frame and a brilliant copper top part, is elegant and practical. The name of Müller Möbelfabrikation’s “Mobile Line” says it all: the colourful sideboards and containers on rollers are highly versatile. In addition, the metal furniture pieces are so stable you can sit on them. The “AK 710 and 725” coffee tables from the Naver Collection are equally inventive – their elegant tops can be detached and used as trays. Tecta’s “D4” collapsible lounge chair with cowhide is also an original eye-catcher for small spaces. It is easy to fold up and transport when needed.

In this age of mobility there is a growing market for intelligent solutions that fit the mobile lifestyle: small, lightweight and multifunctional furniture. Designers, interior designers, manufacturers and retailers can tap into new areas or further expand existing ones when they develop and sell furnishings that meet these needs.



Mobile Line

by müller möbelfabrikation GmbH & Co. KG

Cassius Deluxe

by Innovation Living A/S
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