Apr 25 2019

Hot coating: The perfect finish

The use of functional, high-end surfaces is not restricted to the kitchen: innovative laminated finishes are also indispensable in living rooms, bedrooms and in the outdoor sector. German-based Pfleiderer is the only company in Europe whose manufacturing process uses the hot coating method in which wood-based materials are covered with a high-quality, multilayer finish made of UV-curing acrylic lacquers.

New standards in high-quality lacquer finishes

Anti-fingerprint effect, scratch resistance and easy cleaning: just three of the key terms that apply to functional, high-end surfaces. With their high-quality looks and resistance to external influences, these products offer significant added value in processing and end use.

Laminated fronts in gloss or matt are particularly popular in the kitchen. With a wide range of designs available, they create a homely ambience and are far removed from preconceived ideas of cool, cold or sterile-looking lacquered furniture. At Pfleiderer, the focus is on products such as XTreme, XTreme plus and PrimeBoard, which are setting new standards for the finish quality of wood-based materials.

“High demands are placed on surfaces in furniture and interior design. This is particular true in kitchens: falling objects, overboiling soups and dirt are constant challenges,” says Christian Stiefermann, Head of Product Management, HPL and Elements, at Pfleiderer. “The highly popular matt versions have until now had issues with fingerprints and dirty marks.”

Pfleiderer has now found a way of dealing with the problem thanks to the hot coating method, which is innovative and unique in Europe. The new technology prevents fingerprints from adhering to the surface from the start, and even stubborn, greasy stains are easily removed.

The hot coating process in detail

In the two-stage production method – the hot coating process – a functional layer of polyurethane (PUR) is applied to a core board, which forms a permanently elastic substructure that ensures a very good finish. The functional layer does not become brittle and is able to balance thermal and mechanical forces.

In a second step, the lacquer coating is applied using calenders, a process that offers a considerable quality advantage over conventional pouring or rolling systems. UV-curing, solvent-free acrylic lacquers are used for this purpose, and the coating can be applied to one or both sides of the board.

The lacquer is hardened in an oxygen-free atmosphere to give the resulting surface excellent scratch-resistant properties. “The manufacturing process enables the creation of high-quality finished products when sawing, milling and drilling, without the material tearing or cracking,” Stiefermann explains. The multilayer coating technology also guarantees a high degree of colour stability.

Pfleiderer also uses the hot coating method in the production of its new compact laminate for outdoor use, XTerior compact. Thanks to its special surface technology, XTerior compact is able to satisfy the highest requirements for UV and weather resistance in accordance with EGS/EDS per EN 438-7 and is thus also ideal for outdoor applications.

XTerior compact therefore not only fulfils the high demands placed on modern façades, it can also be used in soffits, playground equipment and outdoor furniture.

At interzum 2019 in Cologne, the company will be showcasing new materials and options for industrial and interiors applications. 

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