The six most important interior trends of imm cologne 2021/2022

How we live is important to us. More and more people are thinking about how they can make their lives and homes more sustainable, where they live, who they live with, what their home says about them and how their interior should look in order for it feel like home. The international furniture and interiors fair imm cologne doesn’t just present furniture makers’ ingenuity and inventiveness – it’s a reflection of the current interior trends as well.

Jul 06 2021

©  Illustration: Björn Steinmetzler, Koelnmesse

The 2021 interiors year is already underway, and the sector is looking to the new launches of this exceptional year. What effects is the corona pandemic having on interior lifestyle? Which trends are influencing furniture development and production? And what impact will the social changes that are noticeable everywhere have on consumer behaviour in the interiors market? The imm cologne has pinpointed six important trends that will make themselves felt well beyond the interiors year: over the coming weeks, ambista will be presenting the six most important interior trends of imm cologne 2021/2022 and all the relevant new products. 

Trend 1  

Natural Luxury | Quality is the real luxury 

Traditional craftsmanship, simplicity, premium materials, soft-edge design – these are the signals that point to “pure” luxury – pure because it’s natural, defined by a focus on what really matters and the willingness to renounce mass consumption in favour of sustainable product concepts. 

Trend 2 

Blurring Boundaries | Spaces without borders that satisfy the longing for freedom  

The growing desire for boundary-free living is leading to overlapping realities and styles that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, (semi-) public and private, living and cooking, living and eating, living and working, living space and bathroom.

Trend 3 

Multifunctional | Smaller, less, more than meets the eye 

Urbanisation and rising housing prices call for small-footprint solutions for singles and families with multifunctional features: the furniture industry is responding to the challenge of creating maximum comfort in a small space with home office systems, small furniture, smart solutions with connected living features, and intelligent designs made possible by innovative fittings and modern storage space solutions. Faced with all the changes in the home environment as a result of the corona pandemic, people’s demands of their own four walls are growing. They’re looking for innovative furniture and furnishings that can be adapted, added to and modified to suit their changed needs. 

Trend 4 

Sharing Spaces | Convenient living with social connections 

Today the place we call home is perceived as an overarching part of our lives that encompasses both the need to retreat and social activities, indoors and outdoors, entertainment and home working. However, integrating the home office into the traditional living environment isn’t the only challenge that the interiors industry will face in future; the sector will also have to develop models for “a new way of living” that seek to provide solutions for phenomena like urban densification, demographic change and growing mobility. 

Trend 5 

Connected Living | Smart home, networked living 

We’ve slipped into the digital world like a second skin – out of necessity, but not unwillingly. This new familiarity will probably have an impact on acceptance of the smart home idea too: it’s becoming more common for items in private homes to be connected with smart technologies, and interior design is adapting to this increasing connectivity. We’re bringing the world into the house – a top trend and a growth market. 

Trend 6 

For Seasons | Living with the seasons, the delights of decorating, communicating in interior tableaus 

Interior lifestyle is a topic that’s very much on people’s minds. As an expression of personality, the interior no longer paints a rigid picture but is becoming a continuous process instead. But the changes in the furnishings aren’t just influenced by trends; they’re directly affected by what’s happening in our natural surroundings and the rhythm of the seasons and our cultural customs too. 

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