Mar 14 2019

Interview: @decor8 blogger Holly Becker

“7 out of 10 people purchase things they first see online, so if you aren’t showing your products and services online in the best way possible, your competitors will get your business, it’s very simple”, states Holly Becker, owner and founder of decor8 ("decorate"), one of the best-known design blogs in the world. We talked with Holly about her beginnings as an interior blogger in 2006, her new Influencer magazine “Living at Home + Holly” and her recommendations for social media marketing.

You started your blog "decor8" more than 10 years ago. What has happened in the "Blogging" section since 2006?

I started in January 2006, because blogging was totally new and it felt exciting to give it a try. I was an interior design consultant at the time and I wanted to start writing about design for magazines. My blog became popular quickly and by the end of 2006, it was as popular as many of the magazines that I wanted to write for!

So I continued to work on decor8, and I started working as a freelance journalist for magazines and newspapers too. Over time, I started working with advertisers and brands and I launched an online teaching platform to teach blogging, started to write books (I’ve written 4 and contributed to 5 other books), and just kept trying new things – I’m an entrepreneur at heart – I love to take risks and try new things that haven’t been done before.

Are companies more open to bloggers and cooperation today?

Yes, because they know that we have our own brand and audience and they are interested in exploring the potential there.

"Living at Home + Holly" has been the first influencer magazine in the interior sector on the German market since January.

Yes, it’s the first in Germany and I’m proud to be first because it’s important to show others that I’m not scared to try new things even when there are risks and even fear involved.

I want to be a strong role model for others like me who are creative – go and try new things and stop letting fear stop you. There always has to be the crazy fearless person in any crowd – that’s me. I am confident but I also get worried and am afraid – like any other person – I just don’t let it stop me.

I thrive on challenge and I love to be a woman that my little boy can respect but also, that others can respect and say, “There is a woman who follows her dreams and sticks to things, I want to do this too.”

How did the cooperation between Gruner+Jahr come about?

It was very simple. I was in a meeting with Sinja Schütte about my column for FLOW magazine and she laughed and said, “Holly you have so many good ideas, you should have your own magazine!”, and then I giggled and said, “Well I actually have had a whole concept for one for years but the timing was never right.” From there, we started to talk and here we are a year later, with issue one printed in 100,000 copies in German and online, it’s available in English too.

What is the concept behind the magazine? 

It’s the best of both worlds – Sinja and her professional team at G&J who have been working in the magazine world for over 20 years, so they really understand print publishing in ways that I simply do not, and me, someone who is known as the pioneer of design blogs who has so many wonderful friends and talented connections in the industry that I want to share with all of our readers in print.

Plus, I really know and understand social media and stay very fresh when it comes to trends in this area, so I can be a real asset to her team as much as they are to me.

You successfully give seminars about social media channels. What do companies have to pay attention to in the content of their own channels? In your experience: what is the right mix of product information and company information? What would you recommend?

7 out of 10 people purchase things they first see online, so if you aren’t showing your products and services online in the best way possible, your competitors will get your business, it’s very simple.

You need to show products and services that you offer (30 %), spend some time talking about your company culture, behind the scenes, making of, what products are made from, etc. (30 %), and then 30% should be also showing customer photos of your products and beautifully styled product shots you’ve made, etc. Then final 10 % should be special offers, giveaways, etc.

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