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Interview: Between megatrends and practical relevance

Katrin de Louw and her agency Trendfilter are organising the Trend Stage of the new online platform interzum @home - with the megatrends of the industry. As the leading international trade fair for furniture production and interior design, interzum will be held purely digitally from 4 to 7 May 2021.

Apr 28 2021

Katrin de Louw and her agency Trendfilter are organising the Trend Stage of the new online platform. It not only offers an overview of the globally most important topics regarding the furnishings of tomorrow, but also highlights manufacturing-relevant aspects for the industry. We spoke to Katrin de Louw about the programme's focus as well as new demands on furniture design and furnishing in times of the Corona pandemic.

On 4 May, interzum @home 2021 will start as an exclusive online event. © Koelnmesse

Ms. de Louw, at interzum @home you are organising the lecture programme for the Trend Stage. Which trend-setting themes and developments will be in the spotlight here? 

Of course, we look to the future with our topics and megatrends such as health, ecology, digitalisation and urbanisation play an important role in our programme. But it is always about practical relevance.

At the Trend Stage, we give online visitors concrete ideas and inspiration for design and materials, conception and production, all the way to the marketing of furniture and furnishings. The aim is to offer concrete points of contact in addition to all the forward-looking theses. 

What exactly are the thematic focal points? 

We are looking forward to starting on 4 May with the winners of this year's interzum awards. After that, we will be playing a colourful programme with such a diverse mix of content that there will be something suitable for everyone.

Topics such as digitalisation, sustainability, social change through megatrends as well as international design trends play just as important a role as practical, new products for manufacturers and furnishers. We illuminate global colour and material trends both from the scientific perspective of trend research and from the point of view of practical application. 

What role does the future topic of sustainability play? 

The latest, ecological products for furniture and interiors play a major role in the programme: recycled coatings, vegan wood materials and the perspectives regarding the recycling of wood materials and furniture - keyword Cradle to Cradle. We show applications for generative design, i.e. computer-generated design.

Furthermore, we present ideas for furniture manufacturers on how they can generate added value through hybrid marketing of their products, for example through furniture rental. We will also work through the new expectations of the furniture trade for manufacturers. In addition, there will be presentations for concrete application, for example in smart furniture as social design and visions of the furnishings of the future by renowned international design studios. 

The Piazza Trends in Surfaces & Wood Design by Katrin de Louw at interzum 2019. © Koelnmesse

Do you also address the current situation of the Corona pandemic? 

Among other things, I will look at the general changes brought about by Corona in furnishing and furniture design in my own lecture. Currently, antibacterial and antiviral surfaces play a particularly important role.

Mostly, these are additional coatings of existing products that can reduce or even destroy viruses within a certain time. We expect to see a lot of new developments here in the coming months. 

How do you basically see the influence of the pandemic on the shaping of our living environment? 

Corona has indeed abruptly slowed down or even accelerated many things. It does not stop globalisation - on the contrary, we have noticed that what happens in the world concerns us all. But nevertheless, it has acted like a "pause button" here.

In the area of digitalisation and new work, on the other hand, the pandemic has made a breathtaking pace possible. The accompanying development would otherwise have taken many more years. And there are new trends, such as the "Sporty Home" for our fitness in our own four walls.

Such trends have only really come into being now, but have already reached their zenith with Corona. After all, many people are looking forward to going to the gym or the swimming pool again after the pandemic. 

interzum @home will take place from 4 to 7 May 2021 as an exclusive online event. Tickets for the digital platform can be purchased in the Ticket Shop. The complete programme of the Trend Stage and other events can be found here.

Author: Broekman+Partner

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