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The green zeitgeist is shaping our society and economy. It's time for the furnishing industry to respond. The imm cologne analyzes the megatrend of sustainability and shows the direction in which companies must develop in order to remain competitive. 

Nov 19 2021

Ⓒ imm cologne Sustainability as a purchasing criterion

From the exception to the norm: sustainability has arrived in the middle of society - and this is not only noticeable, but also measurable. Studies and industry insights show what this means for the purchasing behavior of end customers, what really moves them when it comes to sustainability, and how companies can take advantage of customers' new (environmental) awareness.

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Ⓒ PIRO4D auf Pixabay
The shift to sustainable business

From durability to recyclability to resource-conserving materials: a sustainable business model has many facets. What does a successful restructuring look like? And how can economic and ecological goals be reconciled? If you want to be successful in the furnishings industry tomorrow, you have to act today.

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Ⓒ Marcel ViraghCustomer loyalty through sustainability

Nothing connects more than a shared conviction. So what are the opportunities for companies that get sustainability right? Some pioneers in the industry are already showing how forward-looking concepts and innovative approaches can be used to retain customers in the long term.

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