Jan 29 2018

Upcycling - Turning old into new

Upcycling really picked up speed in the interior design industry in 2017. Upcycling has become a real home living trend – there are hardly any limits on creativity here. Today people want to furnish their homes with unique pieces that they won’t find at their next-door neighbours’. Furniture should tell a personal story

The question arises: does upcycling only serve as a means of improving the world or is it a profitable business for companies? The business idea of lumbono GmbH shows that one does not have to exclude the other. Upcycling as a business idea is something that Andrea Flotzinger and Britta Drummer have also spotted. The two women are the owners of lumbono GmbH, which has been breaking new ground since 2014 with its timelessly beautiful wall, ceiling and floor lighting.

Environmentally friendly upcycling: sustainable, personal and handmade

lumbono manufactures its products exclusively in Germany – with a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The company's 100% sustainable production chain is never broken. Each thread, each cloth and each stand is made in Germany. lumbono supports social projects – some of its lampshades are cut in a social enterprise where disabled people work. And – Flotzinger and Drummer also maintain very close contact with their suppliers. All those involved in making lumbono products are joined by the same values.

The products – stylish designer lighting

lumbono’s wall and ceiling lights and floor lamps are produced from used materials – your son’s favourite football shirt, great-grandma’s old tablecloth, but also unusual textiles such as sails, mailbags and coffee sacks. Almost any kind of fabric is suitable for covering the shades. This makes each lamp and each light a unique piece. And the best thing about them: all the lampshades are easily removable and can be ordered separately, giving the products a significantly longer life than conventional lighting.  Excellent illumination provides more than just light: it creates a sense of well-being and an atmosphere that feels like home.

Upcycling: Future trend for the furnishing industry?

Ten years ago hardly anyone had heard of upcycling. Today you rarely have to explain what it is. Upcycling is in, and not just in the furniture industry, but also in many other sectors, too. Take fashion and design, for instance. Many experts think that the future of upcycling in the furniture industry has only just begun. People have realised that our resources are not infinite. Being environmentally friendly and conserving resources are now very important criteria in consumer purchasing behaviour. Upcycled furniture combines creative and environmental awareness. People form an emotional bond to many pieces of furniture. Here upcycling is a welcome and cost-effective alternative to our throw-away culture. Upcycling is an excellent way to show the younger generation just how important caring for the environment is, and last but not least, it creates fantastic business opportunities for entrepreneurs.



by Lumbono


by Lumbono


by Lumbono
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