Nov 10 2020

VdDW announcement: Home furniture industry on the rise

The Association of the German Home Furniture Industry (VdDW) noted a positive economic development for its own industry at its last general meeting.  

According to this, the furniture segment for living, sleeping, dining, wardrobe and design solitaires is "in a pleasant economic situation", says VdDW managing director Jan Kurth. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the associated concentration on an appealing home, also known as "cocooning", there has been outstanding demand for home furniture. 

This industry assessment is also underlined by the current indicator for the propensity to buy in Germany: sales in the home furniture industry have been on the rise without interruption since June. The same applies to incoming orders in the "residential" segment, which were surveyed within the association - with an increase of over 42 percent in September, they speak for themselves. 

Association and companies are optimistic 

This confidence is supported by the furnishing companies in a recent survey: At present, only around a third of the companies expect a decline in sales by the end of the year. In many cases, the sales losses from the first lockdown in March/April have already been fully offset. 

The association is confident that the economic situation will remain like this in the long term and on a sustainable basis, even though it is of course difficult to assess this due to the current situation. 

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