Jan 30 2019

Video: 100 years of the Bauhaus @ imm cologne 2019

The Bauhaus is the foundation for the world of design as we know it today: it focused early on developing innovative concepts and work processes that are still highly relevant today. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, imm cologne 2019 devoted a special event to the design school – curated and illustrated by architect Dr Thomas Schriefers. He explains in an interview why the movement had such a great influence on modern design – and still does today.

Bauhaus - Work in progress

The Bauhaus provides the basis of modern architecture. The legendary art school was founded in Weimar in the early 20th century by the architect Walter Gropius. The former institution for training and experimentation revolutionised the thought and practice of art and design worldwide from 1919 to 1933.

At the same time, the Bauhaus provided the foundation for modern industrial design and architecture. The Bauhaus was dissolved in 1933, not even 14 years after its founding. However, this wasn't the end of its story. In fact, it still continues. It is not without reason that the Bauhaus was also referred to as "work in progress". The epitome of modernity has also lost none of its relevance in the interiors industry. Bauhaus furniture items are and remain beloved popular design classics.


Thomas Schriefers

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