Dec 12 2018

Young trendsetters at imm cologne

The prize-winning designers of the "Pure Talents Contest" provide fresh impulses for the furniture industry at imm cologne 2019. Young trendsetters like these create convincing product worlds in combination with sustainable processing and social commitment. Innovative business ideas with a clear image, as well as the courage to set out on new paths are characteristic of the young talents and start-ups that network with ambista throughout the year.

imm cologne 2019  is already organising its renowned "Pure Talents Contest", an international design competition for imaginative young designers, for the 16th time. It has been the starting point of a successful career for many of the nominees. The Pure Talents Contest was conceived of exclusively for young designers who are still pursuing their studies or have just finished them. The three best products receive a special award during the exhibition presentation. With the "LivingKitchen Selection", kitchen products are being honoured for the first time and shoewn in their own exhibition. This time too, an international jury of known design experts chose the prize winners. Yohay Alush was awarded first prize in the 2018 competition for the "Nocturnal Beasts" project.

His outdoor furniture family aims to create a special place for young people. To this purpose, Alush combines finished parts for roadbuilding made of concrete and metal to form original nocturnal creatures. They amplify music played on a mobile phone and provide pedal-powered light and a heat-emitting bench.

Bold and experimental

Young designers like Yohay Alush design more critically and unconventionally than their older, established colleagues. They want to provide impulses for thought and question boundaries. In developing their visions of the furnishings of tomorrow, the young talents provide important impulses for the entire industry. Many innovative concepts were submitted for the Pure Talent Contests and the LivingKitchen Selection of 2019: a completely recyclable mobile light that doesn't need a switch or batteries, a steel pipe chair with a seat surface consisting of a piece of knotted fabric, an extremely minimalist kitchen lab or a small and portable fume hood. The decision of the jury of experts is always awaited with great anticipation.

Storytelling with furniture

Motivations for founding a start-up "New furniture systems of innovative manufacturers" can very a great deal. Some young entrepreneurs develop furniture and products they would themselves like to see on the market. Others research the resource-efficient use of materials or completely new materials. What they have in common is a vision of an ideal interiors world, a love of experimentation, careful processing and a brand with a strong recognition factor.

Inflated metal seat

The zieta Prozessdesign agency from Poland is conspicuous in its futuristic looking design, innovative forms and novel methods of material processing. The unmistakable and playful form of the light "Plopp" stool is an effect of FiDU technology. With this production method, two ultra-thin steel plates are welded together at the edges and inflated with high pressure to form a three-dimensional, stable object.

Furniture that grows with children

The pure position ((link)) label produces adaptable furniture that accompanies children as they grow up. "Brick for Kids" is the name of a growing shelving system with various sized modules, the side elements of which are painted in primary colours. They can be arranged to form unique shelving objects that require no threaded connections and can be expanded any time.

Engagement through design objects

Caussa was founded in 2016 by Jan Drücker and Andreas Kowalewski with the goal of creating surprising design solutions for the living environment, like the "Wedge Table". Its three interlocking plywood legs form a solid structure and define the characteristic aesthetic of the table. With the decorative "Olifant" design object, with its interesting feel, Caussa wishes to draw attention to endangered elephants and support the "Save Africa's Elephants" organisation.

Original and useful details

Inspired by the Lithuanian crafts tradition, Erika Markovska-Mikulskienė founded her EMKO  label for modern furniture design and interiors in 2009. One real eye-catcher is the back element of the "Naive" chair, which is made of ash with two round pieces of wood arranged at an angle to one another, around which a textile backrest is stretched. When the furniture isn't needed as seating, it can be completely dismantled and stowed in a flat box.

This and many other start-ups will present their innovative products at imm cologne 2019. Inspiring interiors from young visionaries and the latest interiors trends for the furniture world of tomorrow can be seen from 14 to 20 January In the context of "Pure Editions" and the "Pure Talents Contest". The trade fair format in hall 3.1. is also a popular meeting point for decision makers of the scene, such as architects, designers, journalists, bloggers or buyers.


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