Oct 04 2019

Walkable skylights: Walking on glass

The style of today’s architecture is characterised by glass. In the past, the double pane window was the greatest achievement possible. Today, glass has taken over functions in construction that were inconceivable just a few years ago, even for experts. Blocks, insulation boards and partitions made out of the transparent material have long made their way into DIY stores, and as a home design element for floor and ceiling, it is here to stay along with the classics of wood, carpet and tiles.

Glass – a material with a future

Glass is a building material with a long tradition and an exciting future. The application possibilities of glass have grown considerably with the progress of manufacturing technologies and glass construction is becoming increasingly complex. 

Staircases, balustrades, glass ramps and floors or glazed light well covers as a reflective, bright accent allowing maximum light are very popular architectural features today. Even in residential construction, walkable glass flooring is gaining more acceptance.

It combines two important elements: For one, it lends itself to a modern home architecture and provides optimum energy efficiency. In addition, it creates living spaces that are characterised by daylight. Natural light has a proven positive influence on human biorhythms, is a mood booster and improves productivity.

Abundant daylight also means you do not have to switch on the light as much, which saves money and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Manufacturers such as Heliobus and Taghell have recognised this trend and developed both interior and exterior glass solutions.

The best side of light 

The transparent “Skyfloor” glass flooring systems from Taghell show that room illumination does not have to be one sided with light coming through glass panels in the ceiling. The rooms get natural light during the day and at dusk or night the electrically illuminated rooms create bright points of light or illuminated glass corridors in the outdoor areas.

The glass floors blend into the surroundings barrier free. Superior thermal insulation, burglar-proof and waterproof, the floors are custom-made and constructed according to the individual requirements of the architecture. Equipped with slip resistance, privacy protection or heating, the “Skyfloor BF” flat roof window can be adapted to the specific situation. In the “Skyfloor BB” version, the walkable skylight is also available without insulation for installation in interior areas as well as with walk-on fire-resistant glazing. 

Aesthetic and functional – the “Glassfloor” walkable skylights from Heliobus  The sill-free integrated skylight gives you a view of the sky and rooms bathed in light create new living and working spaces. Filigree skylights and floor glazing blend harmoniously into existing living environments such as terraces, paths and lawns.

The glass surfaces are custom-made and manufactured in different product series. The “Pure” and “Chrome” collections consist of square and rectangular glass surfaces, and the “Circle” series has a round format. Each skylight provides a clear view of the surrounding area. Maximum light transparency allows extensive use of space and the thermally insulated glass provides optimum regulation of the room temperature.

Walkable skylights for exterior and interior areas are not just a design element – they create a modern living space that interacts with nature. Natural light falls through the glass element into the extended living space, highlighting unique features during the day – both at dawn and in moonlight. The product ranges of the manufacturers are diverse, which means there is an individual room concept to suit every design enthusiast.

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