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How to reach future furniture buyers on Instagram

What Pinterest offers Generation X, Instagram offers to the younger target group. There are currently 800 million active Instagram users worldwide; 15 million of whom come from Germany. Eighty per cent of users follow at least one company. Half of these companies publish an Instagram story at least once a month – one third of the most-watched stories are produced by brands and companies. Instagram offers a high level of engagement and a wide range of advertising opportunities.

Jan 09 2018

Young woman seeks ... furniture and home accessories

However, companies are mainly reaching out to young users as a potential target group. More than half of all users are under the age of 25. The largest proportion of users is under 18. As on Pinterest, the target group on Instagram also has a tendency to be female rather than male. What can Instagram do for companies in the interiors sector? The platform helps to establish a certain brand personality. The main principle is to present a company on an emotional level in order to make a closer connection with the customer. But Instagram is also used as a sales channel by many furnishings companies. However, little traffic is usually generated organically. Particularly since it is not possible to insert links in your posts. You can only use a link in the profile description of an account. The situation is different when using Instagram advertisements. Here, links can be incorporated and numerous attractive advertising formats are available to companies.

Five interiors brands that are successful on Instagram

Below, we present five inspiring Instagram channels from furniture retailers. Each company uses the social network to achieve different business objectives – from generating newsletter subscribers to increasing their reach through to making sales.


On its account, this online retailer 99chairs shows glimpses behind the scenes at its offices and great interior design ideas. At the same time, it obtains new newsletter subscribers via the platform. With 12,600 followers, 99chairs is one of the bigger participants on Instagram.


The Instagram channel of Home24 has 19,300 subscribers. Users are asked to share their favourite home interiors ideas with the company using the hashtag #home24. As a result, the company generates a large reach. The furniture retailer’s portfolio also includes Instagram stories.


Westwing uses its Instagram account as a sales channel. A link in the company’s Instagram profile description directs you to its online shop. The shop is also mentioned in many of its posts. The furniture retailer also generates reach via the hashtag #MyWestwingStyle. And, with a whopping 209,000 subscribers following Westwing on Instagram, it is clearly succeeding.


Showcase online, buy offline. Vintage Fabrik’s account makes the leap from the Internet to bricks-and-mortar stores. Via the company’s profile description and various posts, followers are invited to visit its small workshop in Neuss, Germany. It has a fanbase of 2,930 subscribers who are likely to be in the region.

The interior design concept store relies on interaction and customer retention. On its Instagram channel, the online retailer creates a feeling of closeness to its customers through personal posts. And customers show their thanks with lots of comments and likes. Via a link in its Instagram profile and references in its posts, the channel is used to generate sales. boasts 11,200 subscribers.

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