May 14 2019

Business press conference of the AMK on 13.05.19 in Cologne: the kitchen remains the number one status symbol

At the business press conference of the "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Die Moderne Küche" (AMK) (The modern kitchen working group), Volker Irle from the executive board provided an overview of the most important developments and trends on the kitchen market. In 2018, the industry achieved sales of 11.4 billion Euro.

High quality kitchens are the showpieces of Germans. In 2018, the order value amounted to 7,125 Euro on average for a new kitchen, which means an increase of 228 Euro in comparison to the previous year.

The kitchen is moving into the living space

Today, the kitchen is the starting point for subsequent room planning. 90% of new buildings are planned with open kitchens. Requirements for function and design thus continue to grow. According to the GfK, approx. 60% of sales are achieved through installation appliances. Consumers expect that all devices work quietly and odourless, and require little housework like cleaning.

The sales of self-cleaning ovens with a volume of more than 70 litres has increased enormously. Refrigerators are getting bigger and in the meantime sometimes have a capacity of 500 litres. The theme of ecological balance isn't ignored in the process. Only 17% of refrigeration appliances still have an energy efficiency class poorer than A++.

Cooking surfaces with integrated exhaust, the so-called table or trough hoods, are gaining in importance, especially in Europe. Every fourth unit already has an exhaust hood integrated.

Combination appliances and intelligent ordering systems also ensure that modern cooking can take place even in the most limited space.

Kitchens are getting more expensive

Customers are prepared to pay more for their increasing requirements with regard to functionality and design. More than half of the kitchens sold in Germany in 2018 cost more than 10,000 Euro. Every seventh more than 20,000 Euro.

Volker Irle sees this trend continuing. Approx. 15 million kitchens in Germany are more than 15 years old, which can mean great potential for the domestic market. Particularly the wish for smart solutions for everyday life might animate customers to purchase a kitchen.

Another factor that can increase demand is the increase in the number of one and two-person households. It is presumed that the present average household size of 2.0 persons will continue to decline and the number of households thus increase.

The prospects are even better abroad. Especially in China, the urbanisation rate will increase from the present 60% to 75% by 2050. Increasing affluence is carrying the demand for Western standards, and the German manufacturers of kitchen furnishings, electrical/installation appliances, as well as dishwashers and kitchen accessories are recognised and appreciated abroad as the most efficient in the world.


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