"Conflict wood"

Wood from Russia no longer PEFC certified

The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) has declared all wood from Russia and Belarus as "conflict wood". As a result, it can no longer be used in PEFC-certified products. The reason for this measure is the Russian government's attack on Ukraine.

Mar 15 2022

The clarification that timber from Russia and Belarus is conflict timber follows an extraordinary meeting of the PEFC International Board of Directors to discuss Putin's military aggression against Ukraine and its impact on PEFC and PEFC-certified forest owners and companies. This classification is based on the adoption of the resolution on aggression against Ukraine by the United Nations General Assembly. Further action by PEFC may follow. 

What is PEFC certification?

PEFC certification is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus a global "forest MOT". The seal combines ecological, social and economic aspects. It is intended to signal to the consumer that the certified wood is controlled by independent experts along the entire value chain - from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product.

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