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Jan 03 2018

Furniture business on XING & LinkedIn: Top company profiles

Social media is not necessarily a trend just for younger target groups. In fact, from the age of 30, career-oriented platforms are becoming increasingly significant among users. XING is the preferred network for German-speaking countries. The business platform recently reported having around 12 million members. Just over 10 million of these users are in Germany and 1 million each in Austria and Switzerland. Every month, around 7 million members visit the platform. Twenty-seven per cent of members work in the sectors of IT, finance and commerce. The platform is an ideal opportunity for the interiors sector to present itself as an attractive employer to potential new recruits.

Seek and find suitable candidates

After all, XING is particularly well suited to assist companies in the furniture industry with recruitment. On the platform, HR staff can actively reach out to professionals and managers, or even young talent, to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. The same applies to the English-language business network LinkedIn. At the end of April, the network broke through the 500 million worldwide users mark. In Germany, the platform has registered 10 million members. Most German LinkedIn members are found in the cities of Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich. Most Austrian users are in Vienna, and most Swiss in Zurich and Geneva.

Bringing companies to life

Corporate profiles on XING and LinkedIn offer furniture retailers numerous opportunities to score points with suitable candidates. With a so-called employer-branding profile, a company can be brought to life on XING. Pictures, videos and text can be incorporated in this profile to give an insight into everyday working life. Job advertisements, news and reviews by staff can also be integrated into the profile. XING also places advertising for businesses with an employer-branding profile on free XING corporate profiles in the same industry – that is to say, those of direct competitors. In other words, on the page of another furniture retailer or a similar company in the interiors sector. LinkedIn also offers a business-plus profile with enhanced features.

Five interiors brands that are successful on XING and LinkedIn

Below, we showcase five companies in the furnishings sector that present themselves as attractive employers on XING and LinkedIn using their corporate profiles.


Haworth is one of the largest manufacturers of office furniture. The family-run company headquartered in Holland, Michigan/USA, employs more than 6,500 people worldwide and is represented through offices and partners in over 120 countries. In Germany, Haworth has approximately 320 employees and is based in Bad Münder near Hanover.


Egger is an internationally successful producer and supplier of wood-based products. Working together with 9,000 employees at 18 locations has made Egger one of the leading companies in the industry.


The Austrian family company XXXLutz has been active in the market for over 65 years and is one of the world’s largest furniture retailers. The group currently has 246 branches and 20,900 employees with locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Küchen Aktuell

Founded in 1996, Küchen Aktuell is now Germany’s largest specialist kitchen retailer. The kitchens expert currently has 14 kitchen stores and nine logistics and service centres. The company employs over 1,100 people.

Ikea Group

The industry leader from Sweden also uses its company profile on LinkedIn to win favour. Of course, with 340 furnishings stores in 28 countries and revenue of Euro 35 billion in 2016, the company can also afford this highly visible showcase.

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