Apr 03 2019

Your dream kitchen in just ten days

It sounds like a promise, not like reality. Anyone ordering a new kitchen can normally expect a waiting time of up to six months.  So how is kitchen manufacturer zeyko from Mönchweiler, Germany, able to deliver dream kitchens in just ten days?

Complete digitalisation of the customer experience

It’s quite simple thanks to the fully digitalised customer experience and the end-to-end digital implementation processes at zeyko Küchenmanufaktur. With “zeykoRACK”, the company from Baden-Württemberg presented a kitchen at LivingKitchen, the like of which has never been seen before.

Customers can use the zeykoRACK configurator to design their own dream kitchen on any digital device – anytime, anywhere. This innovative sales channel seems so simple yet also exciting, because the internal, digital value-creation architecture eliminates traditional process steps through simple online clicks.

But this doesn’t mean that design takes a back seat. Markus Benesch, zeykoRACK’s designer, developed a colour palette for the finishes that works in any combination and is well-coordinated. He explains his design approach in the next newsletter.

Real-time and augmented-reality modelling

Despite the entirely digital shopping experience, the focus is always on the customer and the pleasure of buying a kitchen. But how does it work exactly? The zeykoRACK configurator allows the user to make changes to any type of kitchen design in real time.

All the functions and customer requirements, whether opening a drawer including a cutlery tray or selecting the desired finishes, can be experienced from the comfort of the customer’s own home. After the planning phase, the self-designed kitchen can be projected via augmented reality into the real room, that is to say: into the right position in the customer’s own home.

This “reality check” feature allows the customer to experience their new dream kitchen “live” and make further design changes. This significantly shortens the decision-making process for the purchaser, while at the same time, increasing the level of emotional involvement.

As a bonus, not only are all of the model scenarios in the zeykoRACK configurator displayed visually, they are also stored with clear pricing. Amateur kitchen planners can therefore customise their personal design directly according to what they can afford using a “target costing” feature.

End-to-end digital value chain

All the information relevant to procurement and production is stored behind the graphical user interface as a digital control system (drawings, parts list, work schedule, CNC programs). As soon as the customer clicks on the “buy now” button, the process of executing the order begins.

The claim to deliver in ten working days therefore requires a different understanding of logistics and partnership networks. “The zeykoRACK is not only an innovative approach to solving the challenges of future kitchens,” explains Dr Christian Hilz, Managing Director of BES zeyko Küchenmanufaktur GmbH.

“Because our living, consumption and eating habits are changing more and more rapidly, zeykoRACK is the digital rule-breaker when it comes to the value-creation stages we’ve previously accepted and practised in the kitchen furniture sector. And we’re proud of that.”

ZeykoRACK clearly demonstrates that buying a kitchen in an entirely digital process can become an experience. In our next newsletter, the designer of zeykoRACK, Markus Benesch, joins us to examine how it’s possible to design a kitchen that’s also a piece of household furniture.

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