Nov 07 2019

YOYO smart ergonomics: more office in the office

Everyone’s talking about smart offices and new work. That’s because the “non-territorial” office has now become an integral part of modern working environments. This concept means that a company’s employees no longer have their own allocated workstations. So, how is it possible to bring together the new challenges of office space usage with agile working practices and the growing importance of health concerns? 

With YOYO smart ergonomics, the intelligently controlled workplace

Kesseböhmer also asked itself this question, resulting in it bringing an innovative product onto the market in the form of YOYO smart ergonomics.

“YOYO is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that not only leads to cost savings, but also motivates employees in a fun way to engage in healthier behaviour in the workplace,” explains Christian Straub, Head of Sales for YOYO smart ergonomics.

That’s because the innovative app not only allows the user to book workstations and rooms flexibly, but also to control the entire workstation in the office. 

The workplace of the future is intelligent, interconnected and beneficial to health

By selecting personal settings in the YOYO app once, users can continue to experience their workstations as familiar environments. Important elements such as the desk, chair and lighting are adjusted to suit the employee’s individual requirements and encourage him or her to set personal ergonomics goals.

“The app lets the employee know when he/she should change position – in other words, when it’s time to move again,” continues Straub. This serves to raise cognitive presence as well as motivation levels, with improved ergonomics and optimised lighting conditions leading to better body awareness and a decrease in health-related absences. 

YOYO thereby brings together seemingly incompatible qualities for the first time and uses the IoT (Internet of Things) to combine reduced workplace costs with an increased sense of wellbeing and higher productivity among employees. 

Another advantage is that the app-based solution is really easy to use on a smartphone or a desktop computer and can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure via standardised interfaces without any difficulties.

Curious to find out more? Click here to visit YOYO smart Ergonomics.

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