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Furniture Dropshipping in Europe

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Do you want to dropshipping designer furniture?

This is how you can start.

KoKoon Design is in a position to offer you not only 1200 references and a complete logistical flexibility throughout most of Europe, but a series of value-added services.

? Purchasing Terms

✅ Dropship - Individual order, no minimum order, delivery to end customer. (Europe only)

✅ Wholesale - Bulk order, Free delivery (1300€ = free delivery), no minimum quantity per reference requied. (Europe only)

✅ Contenairs - Direct sourcing orders. Our expertise is at your service. We act as the production/import agent. Major economies of scale on purchase price. (Worldwide)

? Your Tools

? Automated Data Flow - Automatic stock update each 30 minutes / Automatic file injections / Tracking number

☁️ Cloud Server - Download Space / Pricelist / HD Pictures / Mood Pictures / Product info and more...

?Extranet - Personal Secured webspace to to place your orders easily


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