Nov 12 2019 - Apr 15 2021

Offer lightweight but very stable honeycomb panels for the furniture industry

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As a core material in sandwich composites, polypropylene (PP) honeycomb cores as a strong but flexible lightweight material offer optimum mechanical properties at an excellent price/performance ratio.

In the furniture industry, ThermHex honeycomb cores can be used in many different ways, as the core material can be combined with a wide variety of cover layers. By replacing solid material with a sandwich composite, enormous costs can be saved.

ThermHex Waben GmbH produces a wide range of high-quality, resilient and cost-effective honeycomb cores (without top layer) with a standard density of 80 kg/m³. For applications with lower requirements we can offer a lighter core with a density of 60 kg/m³.

Currently, honeycomb cores from 3 mm to 30 mm thickness are available. The cell width varies from 3 mm to 9.6 mm. Standard thicknesses are 3.5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 23 and 28 mm.

Due to the optimized cell size and special structure, ThermHex products offer an improved surface quality compared to other honeycomb cores and are even suitable for use with very thin top layers. ThermHex honeycomb cores are supplied with a standard width of 1,200 mm and a standard length of 2,500 mm. Other dimensions are available on request.

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