Jan 10 2019 - Dec 31 2020

Scanblue the new 3D fully automatic machines - your future

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The year of change, of transition and upheaval the year of 3D machines that affects digitization and the changes become visible. Secure your future through the Internet in 3D. Now the SCANBLUE  3D fully automatic machines are available - automated products in 3D are digitized in mass in WEB, SHOPPING systems, WEB/AR (products are in real size in space represented.) Lamps can be mounted in AR on the ceiling and to shine like in real life in the room) and WEB/VR (products are in genuine VR spaces for presentations, conferences and for sale represented, including consultants and vendors) from exit.

I'm from 14-01-18-01-19 at the IMM in Cologne. You can contact me here in advance for the purpose of appointment.

I tell you about the Scanblue 3 D fully automatic machines - your future

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