Portrait of Alexander Herbst

Alexander Herbst

Job title: Managing Director

Department: Senior Management


Dreieck Design

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DREIECK DESIGN is a German family business specialized in the production of high-quality designer glass furniture and glass loudspeakers. Our company was founded in 1984 by the Herbst family and is still firmly in the hands of the family. We offer you high-quality designer furniture made in Germany. Our products include among othersGlass showcases, glass shelves, glass tables, glass dining tables, glass consoles, glass sideboards, glass bedside tables, salon tables, glass coffee tables,TV furniture such as TV tables and CD stands, floor mirrors, solid wood furniture, high-end glass loudspeakers QEOS and many other glass furniture.All products are also available in individual sizes as custom-made products according to your wishes. All DREIECK DESIGN furniture is manufactured in Germany to the highest manufacturing quality - with a high proportion of manual work. On our homepage you will find many modern furnishing tips with high-quality designer furniture - let yourself be inspired!