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Metra Smart Locker system

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World's most reliable smart locker system

Metra's patented, highly reliable electric motor driven smart lock can be used for smart lockers, smart drawers or else.
Fully consealed locker system enable you to have modern-looking, completelly clean-line lockers (no visible lock parts, no handles).
You can use the Metra smart locker systems for indoor or outdoor lockers.

Metra smart locker systems are maintenance-free, eco-friendly and save you a lot of time and money, and reduce stresful chores of regularly changing hundreds or thousands of lock batteries.

For replacing batteries in 1000 battery lock operated lockers you are looking at:
Cost of 70 kg of new batteries 
33- 50 hours of labour time to change the lock batteries
33- 50 hours of locker downtime, the lockers can't be used
ca 70 kg of harmful empty batteries, which also need to be safely disposed). 


Your access media instantly becomes your smart locker key

99,9% of RFID media standards can be used on Metra smart locker system as smart locker keys. Additionally, various mobile apps, Bar code, QR code, PIN Code or fingerprint can be used as well. They can be used as a secondary media to your existing access RFID smart card, to provide an additional level of locker access security or higher level of user-friendly locker use.

As HID Advance Technology partner, Metra provides seamlessly integrable solution for workplace lockers for organisations, companies or facilities with existing HID access control (iCLASS™, Seos™, mobile Seos (BLE), Prox™, Indala™, etc.). 

Metra smart locker systems can be used with any lockers or locker material at any office, smart buidling or other public or private facility.

Contact us now to get the most out of your smart lockers.

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