Portrait of Andreas R. Neef

Andreas R. Neef

Job title: CEO

Department: Senior Management


Xilobis Deutschland GmbH

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We are lookig for distribution partners for Germany and worldwide 

xilobis is a flexible and high-quality design furniture system which allows you all conceivable freedom and versatility to create unique design solutions: visually through sliding doors in different materials like iron, slate, acrylic, aluminum - available in different colors. Spatially through the two different styles: xilobis classic style and xilobis free style. Tactually by high quality crafted 100% birch plywood from FSC-certified cultivations, which emphasizes lightness and elegance.

Xilobis is a system that uses modules which float on 13 mmchrome steel balls, the individual modules are tightened with special ropes and are connected with balls - no tools needed.

Xilobis is the furnishing solution for personalities who love design, who care about special features and appreciate unique pieces - at home and in the office.

Depending on the design, completely different "character traits" result. The spectrum ranges from representative, imposing, playful, harmonious, elegant, simple, cheerful ... 

If you think you are the right person / company please don`t hesitate to contact me: +49 151 223 52 369 or a.neef@xilobis.de