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Alessandro Quaranta

Job title: Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Department: Senior Management



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Individualizable designer furniture - www.form.bar - World first

55% less CO2 thanks to regional manufacturing


form.bar - The freely formable Möbelserie. With the innovative 3D software form.bar you can easily individualize Möbel and adapt to the customer's wishes. Unique products made in Germany at an attractive price/performance ratio.

Retailers, interior decorators, architects and carpenters can use the award-winning software as buyers, resellers or production partners.


Tailored furniture used to be something for those who could afford them - now, thanks to the design platform, www.form.bar custom möbel are possible for many more people. The team has opened the door to furniture that is as unique as a fingerprint, to furniture that reflects one's own personality and to furniture that, thanks to a revolutionary process, is always produced regionally and under fair conditions for people and the environment.

The challenge in customization is to give the customer the opportunity to formulate his wishes in an understandable way and then find someone who can implement them at a reasonable price. The team at form.bar has succeeded in packing this complex process into a comprehensive online platform.

In concrete terms, form.bar links the design and production process and gives customers an elegant tool with which they can playfully design furniture themselves by clicking and dragging. The system requires no prior knowledge of design or architecture and is designed to be as simple as possible. The customer only needs to know what they want to design and can then get started with the impressive 3D program.

Instead of having to deal with the complex design in the background - static principles, shape algorithm, mathematical optimization - the program takes on these challenges and makes it child's play for the customer to design their dream möbel.

Once the design of the furniture is complete, it is manufactured by a carpenter in the customer's vicinity. This is also the key to success - form.bar does not ship products, but data. The start-up now has almost 100 carpenter partners in Germany and several European countries.

In the future, form.bar products will be available all over the world. This helps the environment, the climate and strengthens local businesses. Numerous prizes and awards on the topics of design, sustainability and customer satisfaction are proof of the success of form.bar's unusual mission.