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Ann Zuber

Job title: Marketing & Communications Director

Department: Marketing



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individual contemporary design rugs

Like the deep and soulful pulse of minimal electronic music, the kymo Floorwear® collection creates rhythmic structures that interact with their environment as 3D elements in rooms and spaces. Faithful to the culture of remixing and sampling in music, we encourage everyone to apply their own style and create a unique piece of kymo Floorwear® – by customizing the size, shape, colour or design.

kymo, from Germany, makes contemporary floorwear. Their approach to floor textiles is best summed up by their brand philosophy: 'Go on. And create.' kymo collections are distinctly stylish, classy – and cutting edge.

Established in 2005, kymo floorwear is now sold in premium interior design stores in more than 50 countries worldwide. Distinguished brands, like Escada, Hugo Boss, Mercedes-Benz, and Nespresso, have all used kymo rugs and carpets for their own point-of-sale design or product presentations.