Portrait of Ollie Peeters

Ollie Peeters

Job title: Event Manager

Department: Marketing



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The Leolux Furniture Group manufactures its contemporary furniture in Venlo (NL); a leading region in innovative and sustainable production which, thanks to its geographical location, forms a unique stepping stone to the international market. Our products are designed by international designers and made to order by professional craftsmen. This system enables all of our customers to select a truly personal piece of furniture from a large range of models, upholstery materials, colours and comfort options. Leolux Furniture Group develops, sells and produces not only the premium brand Leolux but also the labels Pode, Evidence and Leolux LX. The Dutch family business was founded in 1934 and has grown into largest manufacturer of high-end furniture on the Netherlands..

Leolux: www.leolux.com
Pode: www.pode.eu
Évidence: www.evidence-living.com
Leolux LX: www.leolux-lx.com