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Romain Dawny

Job title: Business development director

Department: Senior Management



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Energysquare is a young innovative French company, technological partner of LENOVO for wireless charging.

Our Power by Contact technology could be of interest to you to get closer to the concept of Clean desk, for any type of office (flex, hot desking, meeting room,..) as the 1st products available Q2 will allow corporations to :

- reduce the number of cables by reducing the number of bacteria;

- make cleaning easier;

- improve the ergonomics of users and reduce the weight of their equipment;

- maintain the desired interior design.

A video will have more effect than a big speech or a long explanation of the first benefits of our technology for workspaces and home offices. Here is a video of a Steelcase table and arm with our charging module and screen sharing:


But we also collect data on the batteries of the devices being charged (inventory, room occupancy, power consumption, preventive maintenance, etc.).

At Energysquare, we believe that our cableles charging technology may interest your industry presenting smart technologies and new materials integrated into furniture to corporations and end-users.

We stay at your disposition for any question you may have, or to present you further our technology which has been tested by CA, Orange, Groupe Renault, SG, Sephora...

Talk to you soon!