Portrait of Mustafa Nebi Dogan

Mustafa Nebi Dogan

Job title: Chief Executive Officer

Department: Sales


Mert Yatak ve Tekstil Mak. Iml. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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The global mattress industry has undergone a period of development with the shift from cotton and woolen mattresses to spring mattress. 

Today, many people spend 1/3 of their days at sleep. Accordingly this enhances the importance of mattress quality and comfort. 

MERT MACHINERY, established in 1993 with the awareness of this necessity, has started the production of mattress machines. Mert Machinery then, ensured the trust of many producers with the mechanical quilting machine it had produced those years. In this regard, Mert Machinery, has been providing service to the mattress producers for 20 years by incorporating all sorts of mattress machines from A to Z. With this specialty, Mert Machinery has successfully become the first company in Turkey and one of the most outstanding companies in the world, in the field of mattress machinery production.
The Innovative Power of Mattress Machine Production…     
Mert Machinery has become the innovative power of this sector by providing the automatic production lines to the service of mattress producers in order to minimize the increasing cost of mattress production.
We trust the quality we provide…
MERT MACHINERY provides service to its clients for long years by continuing the care and support it has presented before the sale.

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Abdullah Akgoz
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