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Massimo Colombo

Job title: Sales Manager

Department: Sales


Metis Systems S.r.l.

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METIS Systems S.r.l. - High quality surface scanner manufacturer for industries and creatives

At Metis we continue a family tradition of industrial engineering that started almost one century ago. With generations of wisdom to build on, Metis has highly innovative products with unique capabilities and a level of performance that is constantly pushing the limits of current technologies.

Metis Systems is the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality Color and Surface scanners. We provide powerful and high technology solutions for decor industries, creatives and cultural heritage needs.

Our scanners meet the specific requirements of high-end digitization applications to capture material properties, e.g. diffuse map, Bump map, normal map, glossiness map, and perfectly reproduce wood, leather, stone, textile, wallpapers, tiles, fine arts, etc. in CGI and CAD applications.

Thanks to our patented technology and our terrific software applications, Metis is the point of reference for a sight into the future of digitization.

Visit our website: www.metis-group.com

Metis, First in Technology!

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