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Job title: export manager

Department: Sales


SACA Industrie SpA

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SACA has been producing lacquered doors and complementary
furniture components since 1967. It has always offered quality,
innovation, flexibility and that unmistakeable Made in Italy style, values
which have helped it not only gain a position of leadership, but also,
and above all, the trust of the most demanding customers, setting
up partnerships with a range of key players in the furniture industry,
numerous retailers and various chains.

Over 400 people are employed at SACA’s
7 production units, occupying a total
of 50,000 covered square metres.
Production capacity, amounting to 35,000
doors per day, is mainly for European
markets and the rest of the World.
In addition to its strong figures, SACA
combines excellent quality standards,
guaranteeing flawless technical/
constructional and aesthetic results.
Its commitment to the environment
is reinforced with the use of certified panels
and wholly water-based paint processes.

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Portrait of Stefano Desanti
Stefano Desanti
SACA Industrie SpA