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Christine Piontek

Job title: Freelance Journalist & Copywriter

Department: Public Relations


Christine Piontek - Texte für die Möbel- und Einrichtungsbranche

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I get the attention of your customers with copy that will be remembered!

My name is Christine Piontek. As a senior editor, I spent many years making service features for television and supervising their creation. This included various home formats, with focus on room makeovers as well as tips and tricks for do-it-yourself.

Since the end of 2007 I have been successfully self-employed. Living and furnishing continue to be a focus of my work with the general and trade press, furniture manufacturers, agencies and individual entrepreneurs. As a journalist and copywriter, I know how to research topics and present them in an interesting and understandable, but also humorous way.

Concentrate on your core business. Leave the storytelling to me.

Images and emotions play a major role in my texts. With storytelling, the message stays in your head. My service for you includes blog articles, website and press texts or case studies for testimonials. This allows you to concentrate on your own strengths and have more time for your core business.

Whether you are a carpenter or designer, manufacturer or retailer, interior designer, interior decorator or planner: I will find and tell your story to your target group. And by the way: I do so not only in German, but also in fluent English, because I work in both languages.

Website: https://www.christine-piontek.de/