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Leif Kania

Job title: Owner/CEO

Department: Human Ressources


Möbel Kania Consulting GmbH

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Leif Kania is a trainer and coach for the furnishing industry, drawing on over 20 years of sales and management experience in the kitchen and furniture trade.The former managing director of a large VME company with technical and commercial training knows the problems of his customers at first hand and knows how to solve them sustainably.As an accredited trainer according to InsightsMDI®, the industry expert focuses on the recognition of individual strengths, which allow sales teams and managers to reach their full potential according to their personality.In the center of the sales training is the type-fair consultation as key to the increase in sales.2017 Kania completed an additional training as Online Marketing Manager (IHK), in order to be able to advise his customers in the area of social media, and is the founder of the kitchen retail brand "Veggiekitchen".