Portrait of Kalvis Sokolovs

Kalvis Sokolovs

Job title: head

Department: Production


Luula Ltd.

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Luula is a  family business that produces original, multifunktional  furniture for children from natural birch plywood. Luula's designers  is the author of the design concept. We outsource production. 

The furniture concept is based on the  principles of Montessori pedagogy, where the main values are children's developmental needs, safety and aesthetic environment. 

The main products are children's creative tables Luu and Julle, equipped with black and acrylic boards, storage for sands or books, paper roll and smaller boxes for smaller things and stationery. In December 2020, the children's climbing CLIMPER was added to the collection. The collection is complemented by other furniture, they are easy to use and complement each other.