Portrait of Dr. Barry Elliot

Dr. Barry Elliot

Job title: Buyer

Department: Purchasing


Fashion Buying Group - Importers - Distributors

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We deal in a continuously evolving range of on-trend and conventional fabrics and garments products, and are offered new lines daily by prestigious European and Global brands including Celebrity inpired, casual and lounge wear, jeans, woven tops, knitwear, shirts, T-shirts and jackets, women’s lingerie, nightwear etc.

We supply top quality products from the clothes manufacturers in EU, Bangladesh, India, USA and China to the clothing wholesalers in UK and around the world with competitive prices.

Our business scope is wide, including textile and garment handkerchiefs and raw materials; electronic machinery, automobiles, furniture, interiors, ethnic wear, ready to wear, luxury products, designer wear, motorcycles and accessories; beauty, makeup,  and fragrances, dairy products, pre-packaged food, technology, boys toys, gadgets, toys, electronic toys, consumer products, and agricultural products; gold products and fashion plus gold jewelry; hazardous chemicals and daily necessities, etc.